Green Volunteers Association

Green Volunteers Association is a none-governmental, none-profit organization for preserving environment. The idea of creating this organization started from fall 2006 with a small group of people who cared about the environment and had years of experience in this field. We started the legal actions to establish it from that time and became an official organization from 2009. The main goal of the founders of this organizations was to create a none-governmental establishment to gather around efficient and ethical volunteers in the field of environment preservation.

The constitution of Green Volunteers Association states its goal as defending Iran’s environment using volunteers. This organization is defined with no time limitation and under authority of Iran’s law.

Green volunteers’ Association is composed of:

  • General Population of the members: containing all members and is the highest ranking decision maker of the organization
  • Board of Directors: are selected yearly from general population, it includes 5 main members and 2 alternative members
  • Executive Manager: is selected by board of directors
  • Auditors: one main auditor and 1 alternative one is selected for each year.


Having a society with widespread environmental preservation actions and ethics.


Defending Iran’s environment using volunteer capacities.

Fundamental Values

  • Honesty
  • Using volunteer capacities and public cooperation
  • Transparency and responsiveness
  • The rule of law
  • Independence from political or financial benefits
  • Peacefulness and avoiding any harsh actions
  • Knowledge generation
  • Nature fondness persuasion
  • Using available lawful capacities
  • Training
  • Informing
  • Organized capacity generation
  • Absorbing key people
  • Symbolic activities

Basic Beliefs

  1. We believe that existence of volunteer capacities and public culture is a basic and strategic requirement of environment preservation at local and global scale.
  2. We believe that being volunteer is only possible based on personal choices and free will and there should be no financial or social reasons that are not based on organization goals in it.
  3. We deeply care about the meaning and position of volunteer and avoid any action that contradicts it.
  4. We always appreciate our volunteers, but this appreciation is on behalf of the society and we don’t know any organization or individual in debt of these activities.
  5. Capacity making for volunteers will never be an organization goal for us, but we will always try to absorb volunteers.
  6. We believe in discussions and cooperating with people with opposing ideas.
  7. Organization members will never be paid for the volunteer activities.
  8. We never do any activity that will affect the health or ethics of any individual.
  9. If a none correctable and persistence deviation in organization goal happens or the general approach of the organization moves away from the benefits or capacities for environment preservation or volunteerism, we more value the benefits of the environment and prestige of none-governmental organization and volunteerism and will terminate the organization.
  10. We never exaggerate or do any dishonesty to reach our organization goals.
  11.  We will never have a persistent friend of foe to reach our organization goals.
  12. We never do anything harsh or do any defamation to reach our organization goals.
  13. We always keep our financial independence from political or financial benefits, even if they would be for good deeds or public goals.
  14. We never use our organization capacities, volunteers, or credits for anything different from our organization goals.
  15. We always try to consider volunteerism with very high priority in designing programs and organization structures.
  16. We always try to use up to date and most accepted scientific views as our basic view points and attitude, but we will never be a follower of a specific school without judgement and analysis.
  17. We will do our best to be transparent and have appropriate reactions towards actions contradicting environment preservation, regardless of social limitations. But we also insist that our silence against environmental wrong doings does not mean that we approve them.
  18. We will have the courage to change our viewpoints, approaches, or statements if we become aware any mistake or wrong decision.
  19. We will always try to preserve organization’s financial transparency unless it violates personal privacy or organization’s stability.
  20. We will never use environment’s problems as a means to reach any other goal outside our organization’s goal, even though we approve them.
  21. We believe in modern approaches and structured management in the organization and prevent conversion of the organization into a none-organized group.
  22. We will always do our best to avoid being in debt of any individual or organization, and we seriously care about transparency of our financial aids.
  23. We never make any change in our goals or plans because of any individual or organization’s financial or other kind of help.
  24. We will always believe in having a positive effect in environmental preservation in social processes, as long as this organization exists.
  25. We will always believe in possibility of an intelligent coexistence between financial growth and environment preservation.
  26. We will actively keep ourselves none-political, none-profit, and none-governmental.
  27. We will always believe in equal opportunity of becoming a volunteer, regardless of sex, age, education, religion, nationality, or political views.
  28. We never do anything that restricts our audiences to specialists in environmental.
  29. We will never oppose any social processes that are not against our organization goals.
  30. We will always try to express our environmental beliefs in our organization activities.
  31. We never deny any right or credit belonging to any of our members, even after ending his/her membership, or transfer it to anybody else.
  32. We will always express our capability limitations and never try to hide or deny what we know about it. We will also never try to create expectations that are more than our capabilities.
  33. We know earth belonging to all people of the world, and consider knowing and acting about environmental problems in any part of earth as a public right.